Terms of Service



Thank you for choosing Infinity Vision Travel, LLC to plan your next adventure. We work hard to ensure that individuals can break through the barriers of their physical disabilities to experience the world. We also serve clients with visual impairments, those who need a licensed travel companion, and travelers with all abilities. 

When booking with Infinity Vision Travel, LLC, we consider more than just your preferences in the planning of your trip; we consider your interests, dislikes, travel goals, special requests, and overall lifestyle when coordinating your customized experience. For example, we extensively research accessible hotels, accommodating tours, and comfortable flights to meet your specific needs. At Infinity Vision Travel, LLC we know that booking travel can take time and money. Accommodations for your trip arranged through Infinity Vision Travel, LLC are either verified or highly vetted to meet your unique needs. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing our personalized itineraries offer you peace of mind in addition to a quality and memorable experience.

This contract for Infinity Vision Travel, LLC is effective as follows and is binding on the date signed by one of the clients traveling and/or such client responsible for paying our agency. Following, our terms and conditions (i.e., “Agreement”) describe both our and your responsibilities throughout this process. Then terms “us,” “we,” and “our” refer to those employed by Infinity Vision Travel, LLC and the terms “you,” “your,” “customer,” “me,” “my,” and “client” refer to the person who signs this agreement. 


Infinity Vision Travel, LLC offers the coordination of travel services to clients that are provided by other independent vendors in the travel service industry. We do not control, produce, operate, or provide the actual services of the independent vendors. Because of that, you agree that Infinity Vision Travel, LLC acts only as a coordinator for the client in managing transportation, hotel bookings, tours, dining, sightseeing, excursions, and other services on your behalf. Infinity Vision Travel, LLC shall not be held responsible for any type of loss, injury, postponement, delay, internment, irregularity, or omission which may occur, whether by accident, closing of any company or vendor, or general negligence from either the client or independent vendors. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance or a travel protection plan upon booking of any travel service. 


Infinity Vision Travel, LLC agrees to provide the following services, coordination, or recommendations as noted below:

  1. Consultation
    1. During this portion of booking, we listen to your needs, wants and desires for your trip. You may provide us with insight into your goals for travel, budget, experience with travel, and destination while we take your lifestyle into account as we incorporate those aspects into the planning of your trip. Once you contract with us for your next trip, we provide a full-service booking and offer advice and support for any unforeseen and incidents that might occur before, during, and after travel. 
  2. Planning/Research
    1. During this portion of the service, we research multiple options for transportation, hotels, excursions, tours, cruises, dining experiences, workshops, and more to meet the needs you defined in the previous section. Because we specialize in the coordination of trips for travelers with unique abilities, we carefully consider your physical abilities as well as your overall lifestyle. If you require certain accommodations (e.g., ADA/wheelchair accessible bathrooms), we research vendors that would be able to provide that service. We can also provide consultation to you and your fellow travelers during this stage and will respond to your questions in a prompt and respectable way. 
  3. Booking
    1. We use trusted, verified, and highly recommended vendors to provide you with the best possible service and experience throughout your travels. We will coordinate the booking of travel (e.g., flights, hotels, resort reservations, tours, excursions,) and other combinations of experiences on your trip with your needs in mind. We help handle arrangements in the event of arrival changes and manage overall trip details such as payments, withdrawals, invoices, deposits or other purchases allocated for the purpose of travel. 
  4. Confirmation/Pre-Departure
    1. Prior to your departure, whether national or international, we will create a detailed plan and itinerary for you to follow. Before leaving for your trip, we will provide all required travel documents no later than 10 days prior to your departure, if your travel has been paid in full.
  5. During Travel
    1. If during the event of your trip you require changes, we will coordinate the needed adjustments with already booked vendors and support add-ons with new vendors as well. 
  6. Post Travel
    1. After your trip, we may follow up to learn about your experience with us and other vendors, since we want to ensure that our trips provide you and future travelers with a high-quality experience. We may request a personal review from you for use on our website, social media platforms, emails, or other marketing campaigns. 


The price quotes from other vendors provided to you will only apply to the day and time at which they’re requested. Because of this, those prices and services cannot be guaranteed until payment for our services is made in full. Infinity Vision Travel, LLC will make sure that you receive price quotes, deposits, refunds and cancellation details in a timely manner. 

Infinity Vision Travel, LLC will also strive to ensure vendors uphold their “end of the deal” and services booked and the originally booked/quoted price. That said, under certain circumstances there may be additional costs induced by a vendor or government. The responsibility of these additional costs falls to the client. Examples of additional costs are noted in, but not limited to, the outlined  “Client Identification Safety” section below.

If you travel outside of the U.S.A., some of the quotes and prices will be from foreign and international vendors. It’s important for you to know that currency rates change daily, and exchange rates typically carry a transaction fee, which will be your responsibility. 

Confirmation of booked flights is based on availability and prices are subject to change after the date of quote or your deposits. This includes price increases or other fees for changes such as seat assignment, baggage charges, fuel charges, and/or an increase in government fee(s) or additional tax(es). 


You agree to the following when you sign below:

  1. You agree to be responsive to our communications and understand that some information might be time sensitive, which could affect pricing.
  2. You agree to make payments by the stated deadlines.
  3. You agree to be responsible for completing certain duties/requirements, such as procuring passports/visas and/or vaccinations. 
  4. You agree to encourage your personal contacts or other fellow travelers to make reservations through Infinity Vision Travel, LLC for group rates and other incentives.
  5. You agree to monitor and regard relevant travel warnings.
  6. You agree to provide Infinity Vision Travel, LLC a way(s) to contact you in the case of an emergency.
  7. You agree to let Infinity Vision Travel, LLC know about any services that are unsatisfactory during your trip. 


A list of our fee structure is noted below: 

  • Initial phone consultation – $0.00
  • Flat Rate Service Fee for up to 4 travelers 7 days of travel = $250.00 
    • Every 4+ Travelers is an additional $250.00 
  • International air only ticket – $50.00 per 4 tickets 
  • Excessive itinerary revisions, per each revision at our discretion – $50.00
  • Non refundable – Cancellation fee – $50.00 
  • Monthly Payment Plan – $divided by total price for 6 months. 
  • Monthly payment plan setup – $25.00
  • Air bnb rental vacasa rental home/ condo reservation fee- $50.00 
  • Land/cruise package planning – $AsPaidforbyclient

Fees can be paid by debit, credit card, bank transfer or emailed invoice. Debit and credit card payments have a 3.5% + $0.30 fee. Bank transfers have a 1.5% fee. Infinity Vision Travel, LLC fees are different and separate from the cost of your trip.

Infinity Vision Travel, LLC also has cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation within 0-60 days of the initial deposit payment date – $150.00 + the vendor’s cancellation fee, if it applies
  • Cancellation within 61-90 days of the initial deposit payment date – $100.00 + the vendor’s cancellation fee, if it applies
  • Cancellation within 91 or more days of the initial deposit payment date – $50.00 + the vendor’s cancellation fee, if it applies

Infinity Vision Travel, LLC cancellation, and corresponding vendor cancellation fees (if applicable), fees are different and separate from the cost of your trip. The policies for vendor cancellation fees will be provided in your itinerary proposal. Cancellation fees must be paid in full to move forward in cancelling your trip. 

Additionally, sometimes vendor and air prices increase after purchase due to government taxes or fees or other fluctuations in foreign exchange markets, although this is rare. In the case that this happens, you consent for Infinity Vision Travel, LLC to charge your payment method on file (e.g., debit or credit card) for the additional amount.


You are required to send copies of your passport or state issued ID for all travelers in your party to confirm bookings and reservations. We keep these copies of your private information in an electronically secure and verified space. Any of your identifying information supplied to third party travel companies for booking purposes will be maintained under their data privacy regulations. This helps mitigate unforeseen issues that could occur during international travel and allows us to assist in the instance this occurs. Infinity Vision Travel, LLC strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance in case of injury, illness, accidents or delays.

When considering identification, you must provide legally correct names and dates of birth that match approved identification (e.g., driver’s license or passport) to Infinity Vision Travel, LLC. Name changes are not permitted on airline tickets. You must provide correct and accurate information to Infinity Vision Travel, LLC. We are not responsible for any costs related to incorrect information you provide for travel planning purposes, including any reservations or airline tickets. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to double check all the contact information you give to us prior to authorizing the start of any booking. As previously stated, any necessary travel documents like passports or health records are your responsibility. The name, gender and date of birth must match the contact information and identification on the airline ticket(s) and other reservation and booking records.

Starting October 1, 2020 every air traveler who is 18 years of age or older will need to have a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or other acceptable form of ID to fly within the United States; this is your responsibility. 

Passports are required for all international destinations outside of the United States. Expiration dates on the passports should be at least 6 months after the return date of your trip. Keep in mind that some countries require that you have two to four blank pages to stamp in your visa or passport, and it’s possible that some airlines will not let you board if this requirement isn’t present. 

Even when visa and vaccination records are mandated and provided, note that you or another traveler may be denied entry to other countries since each country has immigration officials who make the final decision about entry. Several factors, like past criminal record, might affect the decision of the aforementioned officials. If a visa is not issued, Infinity Vision Travel, LLC is not responsible or liable for any lost payments made toward a completed trip, but we will make an effort to help with rerouting you. 

Finally, it’s important to note that whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suggests that all travelers have at least two forms of acceptable identification to board a flight. 

Visit the DHS website: https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/identification provides updates on the screening process and carry-on allowances and procedures.

VISIT the State Department website:

 www.travel.stat.gov  provides visa, passport, safety, and health hazard support and information. 


You have the right to choose not to proceed or follow through with any travel arrangements. Infinity Vision Travel, LLC holds the responsibility to offer quotes in a professional and timely manner and provide advice on appropriate packages offered by either the resort or vendor. 


You understand and agree that the fees by Infinity Vision Travel, LLC are nonrefundable and non transferable. This applies to each trip requested. You must also understand that components of your trip are refundable only based on individual vendor policy. You will be informed of those policies and details with your itinerary proposal prior to booking.

You also understand that any refunds which may be due to you post cancellation from vendors may be assisted by Infinity Vision Travel, LLC, but that we are not held liable in any way for unpaid vendor refunds. 

You also understand that vendor rates and prices change frequently. Infinity Vision Travel, LLC takes no responsibility if a price lowers after your travel arrangements have been confirmed, booked, and/or paid in full. 


You authorize Infinity Vision Travel, LLC to act as your advisor for the airline, vendors, hotel, excursion operator, cruise line or other supplier as indicated by the documents used for travel (e.g., brochures). You understand that these vendors are responsible for providing the services purchased and that you consent to the use of those vendors. You also accept that Infinity Vision Travel, LLC is not responsible for, nor should you attempt to hold us liable for any injury, damage or loss suffered beyond the reasonable control of Infinity Vision Travel, LLC.

You also understand that if you’re traveling internationally, you and all travelers in your party must have a valid passport. You understand that a passport card is not valid for air travel, and also depending on the destination of your trip you may need to get a visa. Proof of citizenship is required for travel outside of the United States.

Infinity Vision Travel, LLC notes that every effort will be made to provide the best prices, and coordinate the most-fitting services, available for the components you request. In the unlikely event that a catastrophic event occurs and you need to redirect or reschedule your travel plans and the vendor can’t provide you with the agreed upon services, Infinity Vision Travel, LLC is not responsible for any loss or damages, emotional, physical or otherwise. As always, Infinity Vision Travel, LLC will act as your advisor and make every reasonable effort to rebook redirected travel to assist you with comfort and safety.

When considering refunds, change and/or cancellation fees, and other penalties during the proposal phase Infinity Vision Travel, LLC will let you know about any of those aforementioned items. You are aware that airline tickets, especially holiday or discounted fares, might be subject to the loss of some or all of the fare if you elect to change the reservation. 

You also agree that appropriate and adequate travel insurance will be considered prior to your trip, which could include but not be limited to:

  • Cancellation and trip interruption
  • Medical insurance
  • Loss of baggage

If this protection is declined, you may be required to sign a liability release waiver by us. 

You agree to all the terms and conditions and penalties of the vendors with whom you consent to services. You must review the travel documents when you receive them to make sure they are accurate. You may contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

You also agree that Infinity Vision Travel, LLC has no special knowledge about the financial standing of the vendors, unsafe conditions, health hazards, or weather hazards and extremes at your destination. 

By reading this and signing below, you agree to the above terms and conditions and consent to those employed by Infinity Vision Travel, LLC to begin researching travel plans and act on behalf of you for the only purpose of travel planning and booking. You understand that Infinity Vision Travel, LLC fees and commissions are non-refundable and non-transferrable. In exchange, you receive personal consultation, individual itineraries offering relevant advice which will reflect your unique requests and needs.